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Termpapermonster.com Review

termpapermonster.com review

Termpapermonster.com is a relative novice as it has been on the market for only 4 years, yet it has already built up some solid clientele that keeps ordering on regular basis. Along with strong benefits it also has minor flaws that you should know about before placing your order.

Services offered

Go to the entire “Our services” page if you are willing to learn more about what you will get there. The customer should know that Termpapermonster.com is willing to offer various types of services such as writing itself, consultations and polishing (editing, proofreading and formatting) of papers. Besides, consulting is hardly ever provided by other services, as they consider it costly (A customer is more likely to order the entire paper if he does not get any information about how to write it).

While one might think that the service provides only a few types of papers(Term paper, Dissertation, Thesis, Essay, Editing, Book report and an Article), in fact it is ready to write a lot more. All you have to do is check out the ordering form (scroll down the “Type of work” field) and you will see that the entire range of papers can be ordered from Termpapermonster.com – starting from book reports and up to dissertations.

Besides, you’re always free to specify the number of sources to be used, difficulty level and language requirements. As for the styles, choose between MLA, APA, Turabian, Chicago and Harvard.

Need premium quality writing? Order a Top Writer. Of course, it will cost you more (30%), but in case of major important assignments this measure is only justified.


While there is nothing extraordinary fast at Termpapermonster.com, they still offer acceptable urgency levels starting from a couple of hours and up to several weeks. Do not expect your dissertation to be written overnight, yet a book report can definitely be finished by that time. All you have to do is operate the deadlines wisely and you won’t have any time-related problems.

Free features

The prices of the service are average and low. For instance, the price of a term paper starts at only 13.95, Of course, it depends on several factors and will be determined individually in each case.

Every new customer is welcome at Termpapermonster.com which is clearly shown by their willingness to grant 20% first-time discount.

Free features offered to the customers include free paper outline and bibliography, as well as editing (in case of the entire paper ordered) and two weeks of revisions.

To sum it up, Termpapermonster.com is a good place to order your papers. It’s probably not the best in the industry, but it’s still top ten. High quality and affordability of papers make it an indispensable helper for any student.