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Managing Stress


  1. Many students have problems in college because they can’t make a plan. What is a plan? It is a daily curriculum one should stick to while studying. Without a proper schedule, you will inevitably get lost in the sea of students and lectures. Be ready to write down the project ideas, essay outlines and many more to maintain a balanced study plan that can help you get an ‘A’.
  2. You should be objective with your goals and wishes. You can’s sit around the house doing nothing and then hope that a service like OKessays.com will do all the job. Have motivation and belief, and be ready to face study challenges such as missed deadlines or being overly ambitious. We advise you to play smart and be content with the results of your efforts.
  3. If you want to perform optimally at the test, avoid late nights. You can study in the evening if you are more of an owl, but never leave until tomorrow what you can do today. In other words, procrastination should be limited and the distractions put away. Do not turn on your phone while you study and check on email every few minutes. Remember you have a job to do, and you have to do it right. It’s also important that your prioritize your tasks. Put forward what you think is the most essential, and leave the riff raff behind. Immerse in the topic to know the core and determine things that have to be done today, without delaying. These may be the most difficult tasks you don’t want to leave for later. In this case, practice till you become familiar with the unknown topic. It’s like sailing the sea and then suddenly facing an uninhabited island. What’s it going to be like to discover all those shores?
  4. Make sure you have an emotional connection with your beloved ones. If you are studying abroad, reach them on Skype and say how much you miss them and what kind of support you need. If you are living in the same neighborhood, meet and talk. Friends can also be of great assistance if they already passed their exams. They can help you focus on the most important things and make exam preparation fun. They may also keep you on course of what is going on in the world, because you are too busy to track the news.
  5. Engage in social activities such as dance class. Just do something in a group or play a part in a team. If you feel there are like-minded people around you, you are more likely to perform successfully. Ensure you get enough sleep the night before the exam and tell your friends to help you emotionally through that period. If you know what to expect from a test, you are more likely to rock it then immersing in the unknown and then hoping it is going to fix itself.