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How to Write Essay Plan in Short Time

Upon a keen observation, many students write a lot of information in their essays but hardly provide an answer to the topic question. This makes the incline to planning an invaluable thing in essay writing.

So don’t jump into research at once – take your time to mull over the topic, divide it into several chunks and map out a future research plan.

It is significant to learn how to write a good essay plan. If you are not a brilliant planner, there is a risk that you just simply fritter away your ideas without the ability to put them in a logical and structured way. Here are some tokens that say that planning useful:

  • Planning your essay ensures more chances that your paper will be coherent
  • A plan enables you to produce a logical structure of an essay and place your arguments in a logical order
  • With a good plan, your essay will be straight to the point
  • Making a complex plan represents your ability to critical thinking

Working on your plan is simple. You just need to look through the notes you did during research and decide what you include in the essay and what can be omitted. Since the word count is usually limited in for essays, brainstorm major ideas and arrange them into several paragraphs. Mind that introduction is a place for general or background information, while main body should reveal your main ideas and flesh out the arguments.

How plain essay template looks like

In general, essay template is a skeleton where you put your ideas into. It describes what you are going to write in each paragraph but only briefly. Typical essay plan template looks like this:

Introduction: Addressing the topic in a general way. Revealing the meaning of it and giving reasons why you want research it. Stating your thesis sentence.

Main body: Rendering the meaning of your thesis statement by giving relevant support based on valid arguments. Group the ideas into accomplished paragraphs considering the structure of each paragraph. Assign one argument to a separate paragraph.

Conclusion. Summarizing arguments and restating your thesis. Giving a brief summary to each point represented in the main body part.

Writing an essay plan is performed using one of the methods. The most common one is bullet point method which lists your points using numbers or bullets. Either way, it can be a complex plan with sub-points or a simple one where you briefly describe the idea for each point.

A visual plan is complex but more efficient. There are many ways to perform it, but the way many students prefer is taking a sheet of paper and writing a central essay idea in the middle with keywords and phrases around it.

Writing a plan is important, but in case you are inclined to writing a lot and develop ideas while composing an essay, be ready to adjust your plan according to it.